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Makeup Foundry is FREE to join! At no stage will we ever take a payment from you or ask you for your card details.

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Yes, that's right FREE products! Not little samples either, full size, branded makeup right to your door. 

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We totally understand it sounds too good to be true, but it's really quite simple. Just follow our easy 4 step process:

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"I get it, free makeup... but how does it work?"

What our users are saying...

Emily, California

"It was nice to test make up that I don't normally wear. I would definitely use Revolution make up again"

Samantha, Texas

"The makeup arrived much quicker than I expected, I was so excited to open the box and start reviewing it!"

Jennifer, New York

"I was actually really surprised how easy it was to complete the testing opportunity"

You're right, it is expensive! But when you complete one of our offers to get your makeup, we get paid a commission by our advertisers. We simply use this money to buy your makeup. Simple, right?

Some offers are free to take and some may cost you as little as $0.99, BUT the makeup you get to keep is ALWAYS worth MORE than what you spend!

"But how can you afford to giveaway so much makeup, it's expensive?!"

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